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    Adding vCenter Server to Managed Products replaces previous vCenter Server

    cracknella Novice

      Hi All, hoping someone can shed some light. I have just installed the new vCloud Usage Meter 3.5 and completed the Migration. Upon checking my list of vCenter Server Products being Managed, I saw only 2 and not the 10+ I had on my 3.4 instance. I have been trying to add the vCenter Servers back in, but what I am seeing is only one version of a vCenter Server being listed. I add a 5.0.0 and it replaces my previous host. I add a 5.5.0 and it replaces the previous 5.0.0 host. If I add a 6.0.0 it replaces my previous 6.0.0 host. Any ideas as to why it wont let me register more than 1 host of a version 5.x.x and 6.x.x.


      If I click the Show Inactive checkbox it does not list my previous hosts.


      Thanks in advance