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    Cloning a virtual machine from a template or migrating a virtual machine fails when the destination datastore is a Storage DRS POD 2021361

    ddaley_1 Lurker

      Having issues with adding virtual disk or storage vmotion, in a SDRS cluster, the kb article 2021361,  has a workaround and also talks about the issue being resolved in

      vCenter Server 5.5b. For more information, see the Resolved Issues section in the VMware vCenter Server 5.5b Release Notes. However I am running vSphere 6 and still seeing this. The temporary workaround is a hassle since you have to disable SDRS. also if I migrate a vm to none sdrs storage the storage vmotion and adding disk work perfectly

      Anyone seen this issue before on vSphere 6. Apparently its not resolved according to the kb2021361 Vmware needs to take a look at this issue. 

      Please see Error stack in vCenter client

      Call "StorageResourceManager.RecommendDatastores" for object "StorageResourceManager" on vCenter Server "<vCenter>" failed.