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    Upgrading from vCenter 5.5 U3 to 6.0 U2M - Migration Assistant - "Unable to collect Active Directory configuration"

    theslim1 Lurker

      I'm encountering issues when using the vMware migration tool to upgrade from vCenter 5.5 U3 to 6.0 U2. The site has a single SSO domain, integrated on the same server as a windows installation of vCenter. The following errors are noted in the log;

      2016-11-08T19:16:58.977Z INFO base_commands Executing command: [<class 'upgrade_commands.CollectActiveDirectoryConfigWindowsCommand'>]
      2016-11-08T19:16:58.978Z INFO upgrade_commands Start collecting AD configuration from host --vcenter.int.yccesa.org
      2016-11-08T19:17:01.486Z ERROR ma_utils Unable to invoke MA. Error The entered VMware Single Sign-On credentials are not valid.



      It seems to be rejecting my "administrator@vsphere.local" account, even though I have validated that this is a working account. Any ideas?