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    Newbie basic question about hosting VMs on vsphere hypervisor

    wwzeitler Lurker

      I'm a relative newbie to VMs (and this forum).


      I'm currently hosting various Win/Linux VMs on my Mac as this allows me to have a separate VM for each client, each with OS matching the customer's, and complete walling off each client's bits from the others. This is fabulous!


      I also have a rack pizza box machine (with keyboard mouse & display connected). I'm currently doing the 30 trial of VMWare on it using Linux as the host and it works nicely. But I'm wondering if vsphere hypervisor might be a better way to go.


      All I want the pizza box to do is host VMs. But I want to be able to select which VM has control of the pizza box's display/mouse/keyboard. Or is vsphere hypervisor only for REMOTE instances?