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    what is the best way using vCloud Api for beginners ?

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      I have been working with VCloud Director for many years. We have vCloud Director 8.10 environment on our company. I think that i need to make something using vCloud Api. I have read vCloud Api Document at following link ; 


      Essentially, I have been developing desktop software and web project for many years.But, I have not worked with this kind of API before.

      I have lot of information about vCloud API but i don't know how to use its.

      I have Installed Rest Client on firefox and calling some methods such as POST,GET etc... But, How will I make sense of that?

      I want to create a basic custom portal that user can manage their vms on portal. What is the best way for this ? Curl on PHP ? .NET ? Perl? Phyton ? or anything else ? How should I start to make such a portal?

      I need your idea and advices.