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    setup Fault Tolerance FT on vm guest

    The0ray Novice

      Using a 2008 R2 (64bit) guest with 1 vCPU running on all Hosts running Esxi v6 in cluster, I cannot turn on FT for this particular guest. Getting this wonderful message:

          " There are fault tolerance compatibility issues, which might prevent you from turning on fault tolerance on the selected virtual machine."

                Description : Invalid virtual machine configuration.


      I've removed all unsupported hardware, only using LSI SCSI adapter with 2 disks. No CD-ROM, USB, LPT, COMM etc. This guest was a P2V, wondering if that has anything to do with it? I have successfully setup an FT machine that is running 2012 Server OS.

      Where can I look to see what is being logged? I scanned the *.log(s) on the Esxi Host it's currently on, nada. Also grepped through the VMWARE-xx.LOG in the datastore, nothing there either?


      Any ideas?