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    vMotion Gets Auto Enabled at Random on Management Port Group - Is there a reason?

    sidestepping Lurker

      Hi All,

      I've run into a very strange issue and I cannot find a reason or resolution.

      I'm currently running vCenter 6.0 U2 and I have 7 ESXi hosts with mixed versions, 6.0 U1 & 6.0 U2.

      These hosts have 2 dedicated vmotion port groups tied to 2 nics, configured as active/active.


      The management port group is configured only for management traffic.  So it looks like this:


      vmotion 1 - (vmotion only)

      vmotion 2 - (vmotion only)

      management - (management only)

      Here's the strange issue.  Sometimes, maybe once per week, I'm noticing that the management network automatically enables vmotion.  This occurs on different hosts at different times.  I can't figure out a pattern. I find this out because the logs indicate vmotion failures coming from the management IP address.  I resolve it by unchecking vmotion from the management port group, and everything is happy again.


      Would there be any reason this would happen, aside from someone actually checking off "vmotion" on the management network?  I can say with 100% certainty, this is happening automatically, and nobody is making changes.