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    vSphere PerfQuery without endTime does return the most current data sample

    DaynHarum Lurker


      I am trying to understand the way that the vSphere QueryPerf API works.  Comparing collections between the vCenter and the MOB, for an intervalId of 300 and a startTime of vCenter currentTime - 10 minutes, if I leave out the endTime from the PerfQuerySpec for a given VM/CPU metric, the results in the MOB lag the vCenter performance by about 5 minutes.  When I put the vCenter currentTime in the endTime property, the results are more in sync with that of the vCenter.


      Judging from the documentation: "When endTime is omitted, the returned result includes up to the most recent metric value. When an endTime is specified, the returned samples include the sample at endTime", I would expect to get the same results in either case. Is there an explanation for what I am seeing?


      This is more of a general question, but I can furnish more details.


      Thanks in advance,