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    HA Issue - insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover level on cluster

    azlans27 Novice

      I have classic issue about HA, that is "insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover level on cluster". Actually i already read some threads discussing about it, but the solution there doesn't fix my problem.


      Here is my vmware cluster environment:



      * Warning in the 2nd host is only because of no management network redundancy.


      All host using ESXi 6.0.0


      Here is my Guest VM environment:



      All those three guest VM's i put on host 176, while no vm on host 175. To test HA feature, i put host 176 on 'Maintenance Mode'. This action normally will move all vm's to other host, in this case host 175.


      But, in my case, i failed to put host 176 on 'Maintenance Mode' with alert 'insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover level on cluster'.


      Fyi, I enabled admission control with percentage, 50% exactly. If calculate, host 175 will cover all 3 vm's with this setting.


      I already did these things but not solve my problem:

           - Turning off HA, then turning on again

           - Reconfigure for vSphere HA for each host

           - Restart Vmware VcenterServer Service on Vcenter Server


      Anyone to share knowledge to fix this case?


      best regards,