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    ESX6 Install Failing with No NIC found

    FrancisUe Lurker

      Hi Forum,


      Please give some advice to why it could be failing.

      I'm trying to push an automated install with OSBP of ESX6 and getting the error: No NIC found with MAC address "00:50:56:8e:3e:38"

      I tried:

      Making new Network Adapter

      Changing adapter to E1000

      Changing adapter to VMXNET 3


      The ESX iso media was copied to linux node and then mounted in order to avoid the Windows unzip problem


      attaching screenshots for further reference.







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          virtualDD Enthusiast

          So you're trying to install a nested ESXi as far as I can see from your screenshots.

          When you're at the error you can switch to the console (alt+F1 in the console window) and there you can list the available interfaces. (esxcli network nic list)

          Check and see if your interface shows up.


          When you then hit ALT+F12 you get to the kernel-log which will show a lot more information on what the server was trying to do before throwing this error. You could paste some of the log in here so more people might be able to help you.