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    Free Virtualization course by VMWare

    vjani Lurker

      Check out the free course on http://bit.ly/2dxdtN4.

      VMWare has introduced a specially designed course called “Virtualization for Beginners”. This course is designed for a beginner who wants to understand virtualization technology, but doesn’t know where to begin! To begin with the course aims at introducing the participant to Data Center Environment and its basic building blocks. Participants would be introduced to Virtualization technology in general and understand how basic building blocks of a Data Center can be virtualized. With basic understanding of Virtualization concepts related to Data Center components participant would further learn how VMware products like VMware Workstation, VMware Player and vSphere can be used to virtualize compute systems. On completion of this course participant gains the basic knowledge on Virtualization based on which any professional Virtualization technologies could be understood going forward.