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    vRealize Code Stream v2.1 - new integrations, brand new dashboard and more

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      vRealize Code Stream version 2.1 recently became generally available. This version packs considerable number of enhancements - new integrations, brand new dashboard, pipeline modeling capabilities and more under the hood.


      Brief overview of the newly added features:


      New Integrations:

      • Cloud Foundry
      • Bamboo
      • JIRA
      • Bugzilla
      • Socialcast

      Brand New Dashboard: Create customizable dashboard(s) that offer a bird's eye view of the specific pipeline executions.Dashboard(s) can be configured to show pertinent pipeline information in the context of the execution.

      Pipeline Modeling Enhancements:

      • Nested pipelines: Trigger pipelines from within pipelines.
      • Support for Inline Scripts
      • Support for external vRealize Orchestrator workflows


      For more details, please check the release notes.

      Request for evaluation copies from the vRealize Code Stream product page