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    FLEX in trusted Forests....

    curtisbrown_01 Novice

      Hi All,


      I have a customer who is working on installing Horizon FLEX.  They have two Active Directory Forests with a two-way Forest Trust between them.


      Horizon Mirage can resolve Domain Groups (for role based access in the old Mirage Console for example), which means we can install an estate in one forest and administer from the other.  However, FLEX can only entitle users in the domain into which it is installed.  We tried using an AD group in the visible AD and added users and nested groups from the trusted forest-domain.  While I can imagine domains in the same forest working in this manner, pulling users across a Forest Trust appears not to work.


      Unless anyone can suggest any fixes for this, it looks like an infrastructure per forest might be required.


      Oh, and a quick one - is there a setting or registry key hack to prevent workstation player remembering the credentials of the last connected user?