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    Fusion 8.5 with MacOS Sierra guest: git clone failing in guest

    jdubnm Lurker

      I'm having a problem with git cloning using http and https in a MacOS Sierra guest with Fusion 8.5 on a Mac OSX El Capitan host.


      I have configured VM networking many times, and this Sierra guest is using the "Shared with my Mac" interface (NAT).


      What I see is that the git clone operation starts successfully and the "%" value climbs as it receives objects, but then hangs while Receiving Objects.


      Eventually, "git clone" will time out with:


      error: RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -98066 MiB/s

      fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

      fatal: early EOF

      fatal: index-pack failed


      On occasion (maybe 5% of the time) it will succeed, but 95% of the time it will hang at some % value of "Receiving objects".


      Are there known issues with NAT networking that could be causing this?  My other MacOS VMs do not exhibit this behavior.