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    Project Pro and Visio Pro 2103 app stacks cause problems with Word 2013

    stringb76 Novice

      Having an issue getting my Project Pro 2013 and Visio Pro 2013 app stacks working correctly.  These are two separate app stacks.  Office 2013 Pro (full install) is installed in the base image and the provisioning VM is a clone of the base image.  When either of these app stacks is assigned to a user the app stacks mount properly and I can open and use Project/Visio normally.  However, when I open Word the error in the attached pic "There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font." is presented.  In addition, the fonts list in Word is empty with the exception of the Times New Roman and Calibri fonts but the fonts list in the Project 2013 app stack is fully populated.  Word works normally and displays all fonts when these app stacks are not assigned.  Before anyone posts anything about normal.dot please be aware that I have searched all over the web and tried everything related to fixing normal.dot with no luck.  Also, we use token based activation for Windows and all Office products in this environment (I don't think this has any relevance here but thought I would add just in case).  Does anyone have step-by-step instructions for creating Project/Visio 2013 app stacks?




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