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    VCAP/VCIX-DCV, Requirement Confusion

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      I’m hoping someone can clear something up for me. 


      I was hoping to get the current full v6 VCIX-DCV and based on the cert portal it says that I need both the Design and the Deploy. The upgrade path to this cert from v5 is if you have the vcap5-design to take the v6 deploy or if you have the v5 deploy take the v6 design. At the moment I have both the v5 vcaps(design and deploy), so I decided to take the v6 deploy beta and a couple of weeks back got my results. I passed. 


      The issue I’m having is that I’ve checked the myLearn portal and under the certs all I have is the VCAP6-DCV(Deploy), no mention of the full VCIX-DCV.  Should I e-mail vm certification to update the portal or did I mess something up?



      Any info would be appreciated.