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    vCloud network allocated addresses

    DanielThomson Novice

      I am looking for some assistance. I am scripting the allocation of IP's for VM's deployed to a org network backed by a specific external network.


      Currently I am running:

      $extnet = get-externalnetwork "externalnetworkname"


      I then want to get the list of IP's from this network that have been allocated to VM's already:

      $AllocatedIps = $extnet.ExtensionData.GetallocatedAddresses().IpAddres.IPAddress


      I thought this was working, until I started picking up duplicate IP allocations.

      It turns out this only returns the first 128 allocated IP addresses. (Currently I have a possible 939 available IP addresses on this external network)


      How can I return the full list of IP addresses that have already been allocated?