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    Disk provisioning greyed out - unable to increase storage using SCSI with snapshot removed

    JhanHi Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      Good day to all!


      Need some expert opinion please for I am newbie user. I have a case where VM was out of space and need to increase capacity. I read some suggestion within community and found some answers. However I have a different case because I already follow some suggestion such as removing snapshot. VM is having error 5 input/output error when I boot up - this came up after I restore the whole VM after I mess up troubleshooting yesterday. I also notice that Disk file is still pointing to old snapshot while I should be on the original vmdk.


      I try to attempt to clone the disk but I feel that my storage capacity will not be enough to fill in new VM.


      Please refer to attach screen for reference. Appreciate so much all your suggestion.