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    Replication Status "Not Active" and "RPO Violation"

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      There is one VM that we notice that is experiencing a NOT ACTIVE status during replication.

      VM has a replicated copy when we checked on the DR site datastore.

      We tried pausing and resuming the replication but still the same result.

      We tried to stop replication and point it to the existing folder, he sees that as seed files but still same status.

      We tried to stop replication and point it to a new folder, Still same status.



      We have several VMs that has a RPO VIOLATION status.

      after checking, this VMs were first configured to 30 minutes RPO but was later changed to 4 hours.

      Both RPO, replication is okay because 30 mins is still enough for their replicated data.

      Replication still works but even after successful sync, status doesn't change to OK.