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    Determining Patch Obsolesence for an Audit

    Kelly_D Lurker

      I have wasted a bit of time on this, if someone can enlighten me I will be most appreciated:


      • A vulnerability scan says as per VMSA-2015-0001 we need ESXi550-201403102-SG.
      • I look on host for this patch and I see "Obsoleted by host"
      • Lots of googling later, I see that the VIB that is updated is "tools-light"
      • Manually, I determine that ESXi550-201512403-BG is the patch that updated this VIB.
      • Auditor say great, now prove that ESXi550-201512403-BG supercedes ESXi550-201403102-SG.


      Can someone please tell me the shortcut on this one? How to prove that a certain patch supercedes another?