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    Resize Independent Disk

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      I'm using independent disks for the first time.  I've been able to create, attach and detach disks without any problems.  I am having problems when I try to increase the size of a disk.  I'm following the instructions here: Update an Independent Disk  and I'm trying to increase the size of a detached disk from 50Gb to 100Gb.


      The vCloud API accepts the PUT request with the new attributes but the size of the disk doesn't change.  When I check on the task in vCloud, it has run successfully.  You can also see a Reconfigure VM task has run against the disk shell VM in vCenter but it doesn't make the change to the disk size.  If I change the name of the independent disk instead, that change seems to take affect without problem - the Reconfigure VM task runs, the disk shell VM changes name and a GET on the disk object in vCloud API shows the new name.


      I'm stumped here....   I can't see any errors when I make the request, the task run successfully, the are no errors show in vSphere Client and I can't find any related errors in the vcloud-container-debug.log file.


      Does anyone have any experience of this?  Any advice/assistance?





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          A quick update...


          I thought I would try to increase the size of the Independent Disk while it was attached to a production VM.  I did this in the same way you would increase a disk on any VM (a PUT request with a new copy of the VirtualHardwareSection) but it threw an error of "The attached disks on VM 'MyVM' cannot be modified.".  I thought it might be the case, but this confirms that Independent Disks must be detached from a VM before they can be increased, which is a bit of a shame.


          Still, the original question still stands.... why isn't vCloud Director increasing the disk size when I do so on a detached disk, despite the task appearing to complete successfully?



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            I'm in danger of answering my own question here, but for the benefit of anyone who ends up via through Googling...


            I've just re-read the documentation at Create or Update an Independent Disk and it says:


            "To create an independent disk, you must specify its name and size. You can optionally include a description and specify a storage profile to be used by the disk. After you have created the disk, you can modify its name, description, and storage profile. "

            It doesn't actually say here that you can increase the disk size - so perhaps you can't.  I think I might raise it with VMware Support to see if they can confirm either way.



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              Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



              Check this: Resize & Hot-Add/Extend Virtual Machine Disks using vCloud API - VMware vSphere Blog


              Also looking at the VMware vCloud Director Cookbook may help. There is some good examples.


              Hope this could help

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                So, the reason I was not able to resize the Independent Disk was that I am on vCloud Director 5.6 and the ability to resize independent disks was not introduced until vCloud Director 8.