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    How do I list all the vApps (and VMs in each vApp) in all of an organization's catalogs?

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      We are transitioning from vCloud Director 5.5 (VCD) to vRealize Automation 7 Standard (vRA).


      I am tasked with moving the 500 VMs that are in catalogs under VCD into vRA.


      Here is my psuedo code:


      foreach vApp in all the VCD catalogs in all the organizations {

           On the vCenter that VCD uses {

                Make a thin-copy of the VMs in the vApp

                Migrate this new thin VM to shared NFS storage (the storage is used by both the VCD-vCenter and the vRA-vCenter)

                Wait until migration is complete

                Unregister this new thin VM


           On the vCenter that vRA uses {

                register the VM

                migrate the VM off of shared storage and onto the fibre channel storage that vRA uses; place in appropriate folder

                make a snapshot of the VM as we are using linked-clones on vRA and linked-clones only work off of snapshots


           On vRA {

                create linked-clone blueprint based on the snapshot