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    Unmounting / Deleting Datastores VSphere webclient

    internetrush Novice

      WebClient : Version 6.0.0 Build 3617395

      VCenter Server : VCSA - 6.0.0 build 3634794


      Trying to unmount about 60 datastores in a cluster of 24 HPE DL380 hosts running ESXi 5.5, having a hard time as it constantly says they are in use but if i keep deleting the Luns in the web-client it tends to work. Additionally if i use the "thick" client, i get the same errors. Anyone else experiencing this, tempted to open a ticket with VMware but wanted to get an overall feel for the issue first. I have several tickets already open and was hoping for a quick fix.


      Also, ive been looking to do the unmount / delete via powercli for sometime; however ive never seen the commandlets work correctly, anyone know of code to do this?