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    ESXi 5.5 dcui screen console apears with a black screen and in the corner says syslog - how can I take off this and see my normal screen?

    IsraelDmz Lurker

      I run the update manager and update the version of esxi 5.5.0, 3568722 to esxi 5.5.0, 4179633 and when it restart I note that the console dcui shows me a black screen with the word syslog on the corner

      I can log in with out problem giving F2 option and writing my credentials but how can I get my normal screen of esxi without this black screen?

      if I log out I return to the black screen

      what can I do for remediate this?

      esxi black screen syslog.PNGesxi black screen syslog 2.PNGesxi black screen syslog 3.PNG