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    Horizon View Client on a Raspberry Pi 3

    bjorn.lundquist Lurker

      Hi all


      I had this idea that the Rapberry Pi 3 would make an absolute perfect thin client for running against our Horizon 7.0.1 environment.

      Found an Raspberry Pi project called RPiTC (Raspberry Pi Thin CLient) http://rpitc.blogspot.se/ which would be a good base to work on.


      Everything started of just great, we were up'n'running after about 30min
      Now we started with som testing and soon realized that the only thing we could complain about were the really bad audio/video experiense.

      I checked the CPU on the Pi and it was overwhelmed with work........


      This makes me beleve that the Horizon View Client does't make use of the Pi's hardware H.264 de/encoder but doing all the coding in software.


      Does anyone know how to forse the client to use hardware insteed of software en/decoding?




      Everything workes great when running from a Windows Client on the same 1G LAN så it shouldn't be a networking issue.


      Some usefull info:

      Horizon version is 7.0.1

      Horizon Guests running on a 4 node Cisco USC cluster with nVidia Grid GPUs, ESX version 6.0.0, 3620759
      Guest are standard fully patched Windows 7

      Protocol used is Blast.


      Thin Clients are Rasberry Pi 3s (which have hardware H.264 en/decoder) running debian and Horizon View Client version 4.1.0


      A fully functional Thin View Client for under 80$ would be a dream for many

      Thanks in advance for any tips on how to make this work.