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    Not able to ping Photon Host or connect to docker on port 2375

    CaSch1306 Lurker

      Hi community,


      I wanted to start expermineting with Photon OS Docker /Vmware Orchestrator and so on.


      But i'm struggling just at the beginning.

      What I did so far:

      Used ISO (photon-1.0-13c08b6.iso) and even the OVA-Template (same Version) to install an instance of Photon OS. Host is vSphere 6.0 U2 or Workstation 12 Pro.


      Installation seemed to be fine. I did some local testing with nginx as described in the wiki and even there I can connect to the nginx instance.

      I changed permissions to ssh to login as root --> it works.



      1. I cannot ping the Photon Host

      2. Cannot connect to docker from "outside" to 2375. I changed the docker.service file and localy I can connect docker using -H ...:2375


      So my question is, why I'm not able to connect from the "outside"