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    Hyperic fails to collect data from Windows 2003 server

    PedroPires Lurker

      Hey guys, hope you can help, because I already looked everywhere for this.


      I have a Hyperic 5.8.4 server, collecting metrics from some servers. They work fine, except for 3 servers I recently added for monitoring.


      All of them are Windows Server 2003 32-bit.


      I was able to install the agents in all three without problems. On the web interface, they showed up on "auto-discovery". So far so good.


      But then, after adding them, they all were showing 0% availability (even though they are all functional), and no metrics were collected whatsoever. All fields show "no metric data available"


      I found a kb saying that to enter "regedit" and look for the Windows performance counters, if they had a item called "Disable Performance Counters". It had, but its value is 0 so, that is not the problem.


      Please, answer me if you can.


      Best Regards,