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    vCPU Utilization

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      i am reading the VMware Performance and Capacity Management book from Iwan.

      In one part of the book, he is creating a line chart with cpu information from a vm with multiple vcpu´s.

      In that sparkline, he has all vcpus in one chart. So you will be able to see if one vcpu has different utilization.

      Also unter the chart are the vcpu´s with color and name listed.


      But i don´t know how to do that. I didn´t get it how to create such a chart. I don´t know what metric is displaying me all those informations.




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          Ig you go to the charts, select custom chart, select utilisation and then select all the vCPU on the server and apply that you will see that chart

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            JimKnopf99 Master

            sorry, but i didn´t understand it. Could you please provide an screenshot?

            If i create a new dashboard, is line charts are presendet in the metric charts right? Or am i wrong?


            Think of i have a list of vm´s and mark one. After that, i want that line chart of vcpu utilization. so i could change from 6 to 8 or 10 vcpus.