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    VMmark.com Site Redesign

    RebeccaG Expert
    VMware Employees

      VMmark.com has been through a major redesign which launched yesterday, 7/18. We wanted to make you aware of some changes.


      • Firstly, the look and feel of the site has changed substantially. Some functionality of the VMmark 2.x Results page has changed, too. For instance, the filtering options have been expanded, and the Results table now has the ability to add and remove columns. Some columns that were present in the previous page are now hidden by default.
      • Please download VMmark files from www.vmware.com/products/vmmark.html as we are currently experiencing issues downloading VMmark files from VMmark.com. We should have a fix for this soon.
      • If you encounter bugs or usability issues with the VMmark Results page, please message me.


      Thank you,