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    Confusion in adding network adapter types for my ASAvm instance

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      I am new to VMware. I am simulating Cisco ASA on VM. It seems be total confusing while adding up network adapter types for internal and external interfaces. I have gone through lots of docs, but made much confused. The confusion is on 3 parts: 1. Network Adapter settings 2. Virtual Network editor. 3. VMware virtual network adapter in Network properties. Pls refer my scenario below:



      1. Windows10 Laptop

      2. (Wifi Internet with G/W

      3. ASAvm Instance (working)

      - In Network Adapter Settings: What type of network adapter to be used to create 'inside' and 'outside' interface for my ASA.

      - In Virtual Network Editor: What are the parameters to be altered/edited.

      - In Network properties of my physical laptop: Which virtual adapter is associated to what type of network in 'Virtual network editor'

      My goal is define right network adapter settings across ASAvm instance to pass traffic through the ASA to internet.