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    Creating Solaris 11 guest VM using ZFS snapshot

    GauravMittal Lurker



      I am new in this forum and also new to VMWARE. I have some experience in using Oracle Virtual Box. I have a question here, if someone can help me will be of great help.


      On a Bare Metal x86 - 64 Bit server I have installed Solaris 11.3.

      Then I created the Zone manually and then customized the zone.

      After the zone was successfully created I took the ZFS snapshot using zfs send command as given below and then created the file.

      zfs snapshot -r rpool/zone/DMSZONE@snap

      zfs send -Rv rpool/zone/DMSZONE@snap | gzip > dms_platform.gz


      When Ever I need to create a new zone I use the above created file with the below command to create a new zone.

      zoneadm -z DMSZONE install -a /export/home/dmsadmin/NEW-IMAGE/pkg/dms_platform_bin.gz -p


      The question that I have is can I use the same zfs snapshot to create a new Solaris 11 guest in VMWARE. This will help me in saving time from customizing it again and also if I have to make a change the i do not have to do it in 2 places.