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    Strange windows behaviour - 2.11

    mellicott Enthusiast



      Has anyone else encountered the following when using 2.11?



      Test 1.


      Logon to a pool using 2.11 agent.


      No appstacks assigned.


      Go into a folder, right click and create new text file. New text file is created.





      Test 2.


      Same pool using 2.11 agent.


      1 appstack assigned. The appstack contains a folder with an .exe in it.





      Go into a folder, right click and create a new text file.  Text file appears, but when you delete it it says 'File could not be found', the file is no longer located in c:\blah. Verify the item's location and try again.  Press F5 and the file is gone.


      Try to create the same file again and get the message 'Unable to create the file 'New text document.txt'. The system cannot find the file specified.