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    Migrating vRA7-managed VMs from one vCenter (vRA Endpoint) to another - actions required in vRA?

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      We are going through a migration project to move from legacy vCenter 5.5 instances (existing vRA 7 Endpoints) to new vCenter 6 instances and new compute and Storage DRS clusters


      Migration will be done via swinging the ESXi 5.5 hosts in the legacy 5.5 vCenters into new vSphere clusters in the v6 vCenters, and recreating the storage DRS clusters.


      We are planning on having the new vCenters configured as vRA 7 endpoints in advance

      We will also be creating new vRA7 reservations from the new vCenters and new compute/storage clusters, and explicitly mapping the new reservations to the same vRA 7 reservation policies as-per the original reservations that the virtual machines are currently assigned to in vRA.


      Once all hosts and VMs are migrated, we will look to decom the existing reservations on the old vCenter 5.5 endpoints, and then decom the endpoints.


      Can anyone provide any feedback on this process, specifically the following questions:

      1. Will we need to manually run the "Change Reservation" option (under Managed Machines in the vRA web portal) for each VM after it has been migrated from the old vCenter 5.5 to the new vCenter 6?

      2. Could the process above cause any impact to vRA functionality?

      3. Is there a better or improved process to that described above (e.g. a vRO workflow) available?


      Many thanks in advance for any info ....