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    Migrate from ESX Server 3 -> ESXi 6

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      We are in the process of consolidating our datacenter, and have found an old ESX Server 3 running some critical virtual machines.

      A new VMware 6.0 Cluster with V-Center and shared Cluster storage have been established, and we want to migrate the ESX Server to the new ESXi Cluster.


      Instead of using the VMware converter which requires the Virtual Machines to be turned off, we want to add the ESX Server 3 to the V-Center 6 server and use Live migrate.


      When trying to add the ESX Server 3 to the V-Center, we get the following error message:




      When searching for the a possible solution online, ive found the following article - but the solution is already Active.

      Cannot connect to the ESX/ESXi host or add it to vCenter Server (1030895) | VMware KB


      We are connecting to the V-Center with the Administrator@internal.domain.local, and are trying to connect to the ESX Server 3 with the local root account.



      Any help would be much appreciated