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    Missed Datastore folders, but i see them via SSH with a related input/output error

    Magnetic83 Lurker

      Good morning,

      Environment in use ESXi 5.0.0


      This morning, at a customer site, I find myself having to turn off all the equipment for maintenance on the electrical grid.


      Obviously, ower fails before the graceful shutdown of all the virtual machines and the Host, and before my ok.

      When i restart the server i found the two virtual machines in question indicated in gray as "Unknown (inaccessible)" and "Unknown 1 (inaccessible)"


      I go to check in the community and I hope have found the correct solution with the following procedure:

      "Delete the two machines from the Inventory and then browse the datastore and re-add them again."


      But now, in the Datastore i don't see anything as content.

      Maybe there are the Sbs2011 folder and the Ubuntu folder but nothing appear.

      After checking in the Datastore properties, i see that space is still occupied (Attachment Datastore status)


      SSH to the ESXi Host and pointing to the datastore in question,

      ls -la, i see the two folders i'm searching in the top of the list so nominated:


      ./Sbs2011:    Input / output error

      ./Ubuntu:    Input / output error

      then the list of other files (Attachment Lost Folders)


      I create a test folder via FTP within the datastore indicated, it permit me to create, and after a while it automatically made also this folder as invisible, and puts on the list as the other with ./ before.


      There is a way to recover the contents of those folders before going to carry out all procedures of the HW Health Check?


      Company with the Domain server K.O.


      I hope someone can help me.

      Thanks in advance