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    Get-VMhostAdvancedConfiguration & ESXi Hosts

    Mad_Dog2727 Lurker


      I have 13 ESXi hosts across multiple domains and security boundaries and therefore can only access each ESXi host individually.


      Initially all 13 ESXi hosts should have been built to a uniform baseline.  Subsequent to the baseline build completion, specific domain and site specific configuration changes are made although these are high level and minimal (IP address FQDN etc.)


      Troubleshooting a couple of recent issues has highlighted discrepancies on a number of host's baseline build configurations which has resulted in the requirement to compare each and every ESXi host's configuration.


      I looking to run a VMware PowerCLI command on each host and have the output exported to a .CSV file so that I can then complete a QA check on the each hosts baseline build configuration against the baseline build document.  I want to output to a CSV file the entire ESXi host configuration which needs to includes the details displayed in both the Summary Tab and the Configuration Tab of the selected ESXI host within the vSphere Client (i.e.:- Hardware-Processors, Memory, Storage etc. , Software- License, Time, DNS, Routing etc., General, Resources, Storage, Network, Fault Tolerance etc.)


      I believe the correct cmdlet is Get-VMHostAdvanceConfiguration? 

      I can run this command successfully with the output to the screen however when I then try to  export the same content to a .csv file it fails.



      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I have spend some considerable time searching the web but have not found any answers specific to my requirement.