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    Rename downloaded Flex Image

    sreekumarpg Lurker

      Hello All,


      We are evaluating Vmware Horizon Flex in our environment.


      We have created a Windows 7 VM in wmware workstation and exported to tar file for registering the VM in Horizon Flex . We have registered the VM and created  Entitlement without Machine name pattern and Domain as we doesn't want the deployed VM image to join .domain


      We have download the Image using Vmware Player and Image is working fine. Now our issue is that all the VM's is having the same machine name and sid.


      Can we create Entitlement to rename machine name without joining to domian .How we can rename the VM during the deployment in Vmware Player.


      Do i need to use a sysprep Image for this (We don't want any user intervention as sysprep need to enter machine name ,username etc)