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    App Volumes 2.10 error when trying to create an AppStack

    bobbobbobo Lurker

      Trying to create a new Appstack...


      The install of software goes well on the provisioning VM and the reboot occurs, it comes back up and tells me that provisioning is complete successfully. This is confirmed in the Appp Vols console by the fact that me new Appstack is ready to be assigned to users/VMs. However when I push the App Stack out to client VMs (or users) it will not mount.


      On closer inspection of the App Stack Console logs there is actually an error during the provisioning, which I have traced to occurring immediately after the reboot, before I have clicked OK to the Provisioning successful message. So the Appstack is most likely corrupt??...


      The error is:


      Error while verifying the pending attachment for "[My Datastore] cloudvolumes/apps/7878.vmdk" on "Machine <My-PC> (5028e72b-5e36-3404-2393-a52faff3f9ad)"


      This occurs with any software I attempt to add to any Appstack


      Has anyone seen this before or better still know how to fix it?


      Many thanks,