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    How to query URl with qusetion mark in Log Insight?

    Silvester Novice

      Dear all,

      I have a requriement to query URLs like "/dac/rest/1.0/asset/list?workspaceId=701a551a-0e46-4e2b-b260-d8dcd4dda868"  in Log Insight.

      Then I found the query returns nothing because there is a question mark inside the URL. In other words, I can query "/dac/rest/1.0/asset/list" and "workspaceId=701a551a-0e46-4e2b-b260-d8dcd4dda868" but I can't query "/dac/rest/1.0/asset/list?workspaceId=701a551a-0e46-4e2b-b260-d8dcd4dda868"

      May I know whether we do have a workaround here?