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    App Layer: True incremental updates to existing AppLayers

    AlexAskin Enthusiast

      Dear Mirage Product Team,


      do you plan to integrate a feature to update an application without the need to fully reinstall and recapture it over again?


      For example:

      We have a LOB application which is approx 300mb and takes 14 manually steps in order to have it properly installed.

      Unfortunately there are frequent updates to this application which runs smoothly via an little installer.

      Here's my issue: Currently I cannot just record the installation of the update to my existing App Layer cause as a matter of fact I need to create a new version of the App Layer, performing the manual steps again and install the updates one after one - and that over and over again as soon as a new update of the LOB is released.


      It would be such a great product enhancement if the "update existing app layer" process will automatically apply the latest app layer to my reference machine during the preparation phase and just record the new bits&bytes as it does for base-layers. Overall this would bring your Application Layering Technology to a whole new level.