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    VMware 3.5.0 - Production Server will not start - "Out of Space"

    Sleepy John Novice


      Hoping that someone can please help.

      We are running VMware ESX Server version 3.5.0 along with VMware Infrastructure 2.5.0

      My Production Server ( all data shares for the company) will not boot. It's saying that it does not have the space.
      Our SAN is divided into two parts - VMFS1 and VMFS2. The Production server is on 1 and there are only 12 MB (ouch) of space left.
      I believe that we have three options - 1. add storage, 2. migrate a server to the other datastore, or 3. delete some files off of VMFS1

      Within the VMWare Infrastructure client - there are no snapshots available to delete - but from a PUTTY window - there are several orphaned snapshots. Can I delete the production server delta.vmdk files? I considered moving one of the servers to the other datastores but there doesn't seem to be a 'migrate' option anywhere.Adding additional storage is unfortunately, not an option.

      Any insight that anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. I can't get support for the product since it's deemed 'end of life'

      Many thanks