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    Points needed for L3

    RanjnaAggarwal Master
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      I am at prestige level 2....how many points are needed for L3?

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          npadmani Master
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          to move to next Prestige Level from any level, you need 20000 points.



          When a player joins the game, he or she is granted a Level 1 badge. When he accrues 20,000 points, he is eligible to prestige to the next level. Although the player can continue to complete tasks, he will not earn any further points until he prestiges to the next level. When a player is eligible to prestige, he will find the Prestige option in the "My Profile” area. Once a player prestiges, he is awarded the next badge, his points reset to 0, he is eligible to complete new level tasks, and he is able to repeat any repeatable tasks. Once he accrues 20,000 points at his new level, he will be eligible to prestige again. There are 15 Levels, total.

          Ref: login in your cloud cred account and explores 'Rules' Tab.