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    NVIDIA K4200, GRID K1 and GRID K2 Passthrough and Sharing with ESXi 6.0.x

    vGPU_evaluator Lurker

      I have NVIDA K4200 GPU with 4GB RAM. It does has kepler series GPU Processor. I have used it with Windows Hyper-V- RemoteFX and I can share it with 16 VDI machines.

      I tried to evaluate same with VmWare ESXi 6.0 but could not use it with Passthrough. Rather could not get GPU for sharing. Has anyone tested it?


      Also I would like to know that after installing VIB file for K1 / k2 card has anyone used it with passthrough mode and created VDI machines? Do you get GPU sharing? Do you need to use Vmware Horizon Suite componement?