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    NFS storage won't connect over custom TCP/IP stack

    fkaltman Lurker

      I’m trying to build out a new vSphere 6 environment (DR site). All is going well except NFS storage. I have created a separate TCP/IP stack for NFS and associated the appropriate vmk port to it. I can reach the storage with the vmkping command.


      vmkping ++netstack=NFS X.X.X.X –d –s 8972


      When I try to mount the storage I get an error that the ESXi host could not reach the NFS server. I have double checked all settings and paths. I tried adding a static route from the ESXi host to the storage network but received an error stating that the route already existed under another stack (expected). The vmotion netstack operates without a problem and when I remove the vmk and add it back under the default TCP/IP stack, it mounts the storage successfully. Any ideas what I might be missing?