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      I am using 6.0.1 and therefore the POD configuration is done via lmvutil.cmd

      When creating my desktop pools I setup the Global entitlements  with the  --preventProtocolOverride switch (Which prevents the user choosing which protocol RDP/PCoip)

      And also set the default protocol by using the --defaultProtocol PCOIP switch.


      My problem is I now have many people logged in to those pools and I need to reverse the config to allow people to choose RDP in some scenarios.

      I understand there is a --updateGlobalEntitlement switch which I have used for other reasons but the switches are not there to reverse the config i have set.


      I'd like to avoid deleting the global entitlements and having to do them again - -  do I have another option ?


      By the way... Direct entitlements to the pool do allow choice in protocol. it is just the Global entitlement that needs changing.

      Help me out