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    Error encountered while wiping disk

    KWKirchner Novice

      We are seeing the "error encountered while wiping disk" pop up in our vCenter logs on our VDI cluster. The task name is "Wipe a Flex-SE virtual disk".  The only item in the error stack is "Failed to complete wipe operation".


      We have setup a special role for the view composer based on VMware documentation and it appears to do everything but this one task just fine.  Does anyone know if this is a missing permission on this role or something else?


      vCenter 6.0.0 Build 3634794

      Horizon View 6.2.1

      ESXi 6.0.0 Build 2494585

      Desktops: Linked Clone, Delete on logoff, VMTools installed, Win7 OS

      SAN: No VAAI Support