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    NSX ESG runnig out of disk space & I need to free space

    jorgehernandez1981 Lurker

      Hi all,

      I'm  using vRealize Operation Manager and I have NSX management pack configured, I have many many alarms that says almost all edge service gateways that I have configured are running out of disk space. Actually this is real, when I logging into this alarmed ESG and I run: show system storage command I see that / and /var/log is almost full, so what I can do to free space, I don't find any doc/KB that can help me.

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          larsonm Expert

          My first thought would be to look at the logging configuration on the Edge.  This can be done by going to the Edge, the Manage tab, Settings, Configuration, and click the Action button in the Details pane.  There is an option to change your logging level, as well as ensuring that Advanced Debugging is disabled.  Check the logging level on DNS, and check the logging level on the DHCP, routing, NAT, Load Balancer, and VPN tabs as well.  It is typically recommended to configure the edge to use a syslog server for logging.  By default, logs should be rotated after 2MB, with a maximum of 5 files retained.  In order to gain more space, you can increase the appliance size.  To clear space, you can redeploy, although this shouldn't be necessary.

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            Was there ever a clear answer for this?


            I'm seeing the same error and am unsure how to proceed. I can increase the size, but the appliance hit 100% in just 1 week post deployment, so I have a feeling this will happen again.


            Are the old logs simply replaced by new ones? If so, I'm not as concerned, but I'm currently seeing no logs generated from this device, even via syslog. I suspect it's because the file is full.