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    Migration Warning - not supportet devices

    PuScOfDe Lurker



      i successfully moved a couple VMs from one host to another (vCenter with 2 ESXi 6 hosts) but on one VM i get the following errors:


      "Device "Hard disk 1' uses a controller that is not supported. This is a general limitation of the virtual machine's compatibility with the ESXi version of the selected host."

      "Virtual ethernet card 'Network adapter 1' is not supported.  This is not a limitation of the host in general, but of the virtual machine's configured guest OS on the selected host"


      I get the options to continue or abort, but i don't want to procceed until i know for sure that the VM will not crash in any way.



      The hosts are identical (Hardware + ESXi). The VM is a custom Linux (Other 3.x Linux) with vmware tools (Guest managed). Virtual Hardware version is 10 (1 HDD, 1 VMXNET 3 NIC, basic stuff)


      Google did'nt rly helped me so far. I found similar cases, but they where all about boot problems and vm converting,... . The vm runs fine as it is and i'm not able to experiment with it, as it is in a productive inviroment.


      Any advice?