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    esxi 6 networking with multiple vswitches

    StarScreamZA Lurker


      i have an esxi 6 host with two vswitches and a vmkernel portgroup assigned to each one. each of these vswitches is assigned to a different physical nic. i then created a linux vm with a vnic attached to each vswitch. this is supposed to function like a gateway. however, once loaded the ubuntu vm can't ping anything outside its own interfaces. surely i should be able to ping at least the ip i gave the vswitch when i created it, afterall its in the same subnet? other physical hosts on the internal network can ping the vswitch ip of the internal vswitch, but not the ip of the vnic attached to the same vswitch. also within the same subnet.

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          linotelera Hot Shot


          I'm trying to understand:


          1. Host with 2 vswitch (standard)

          2. vSwitch 1 has 1 vmkPort and a port-group1 (for VM) with no vlan

          3.vSwitch 2 has 1 vmkPort and a port-group2 (for VM) with no vlan

          4 VM has 2 vnic: vnic1 connected to port-group1 and vnic2 connected to pg2


          If the scenario is correct I need some extra infos:

          1. physical net (physical switch) (problem seems to be here)

          2. vlan's and ip's

          3. network screenshots

          4. test screenshot



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            StarScreamZA Lurker

            your summary is correct. there are no vlan's at the moment. i am siply tryin to leverage my existing hardware by virtualizing the gateway/router vm. i am using a cisco catalyst 2950 as my physical switch on the internal network. the external network has a ubiquiti wireless modem which i don't control. there is no issues with that part of the network. the ip's i'm using are as follows:


            • vswitch 2 ( which is connected to the external physical adapter (i.e this cable runs directly to the ubiquiti device). on this vswitch the one vnic of the gateway has ip
            • vswitch 1 ( is my management vswitch and connects to a second physical adapter which is plugged into the cisco catalyst. i have not changed its management ip yet, since i did not think it was required at this stage. the other vnic is connected here with ip


            when i give my desktop machine an ip (gateway set to internal vnic of gateway vm) i cant ping the "internal" vnic (0.1) and from the linux gateway vm i can't ping anything other than its own interfaces. what should my gateways be?

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              unsichtbare Expert

              First, be sure to take into account the vSwitch has no IP - the VMkernel Virtual NIC and the Ubuntu VM are the only entities attached to each vSwitch that actually can have an IP assigned.


              Second, what version of Ubuntu? You may need to remove the persistent net rules (bindings) (/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules) to get the Ubuntu OS to acknowledge the NIC. In the old days, back when I walked to school in the snow uphill both ways, most Linux OS didn't take kindly to adapter changes, and you had to either delete or edit the persistent-net-rules files to make the OS acknowledge the adapter(s)