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    Comparison between vSphere Host Client (ESXi UI) and vSphere Client (Windows)

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      This thread is not intended as a feature request list. It shall just give an overview for which tasks you still need the vSphere Client.

      Comparison between vSphere Host Client (build 3843236) and vSphere Client 6.0 (no more enhanced since 5.5).


      This thread tries to show the differences between the vSphere Host Client and the Windows-only vSphere Client.

      If you know a feature of the vSphere Client which is missing in the latest vSphere Host Client, then just post it here.

      I will update the list from time to time.


      Missing in vSphere Host Client compared to vSphere Client:

      • Option to "Show all devices" im VM settings, e.g. for IDE, PS2, PCI, SIO, Keyboard, Pointing Device, etc.
      • Ability to manage ESXi users
      • Ability of non-admin users to log in to Host Client (by SlavikF) (see bug #89 by Jozef Izso)


      Additions in vSphere Host Client compared to vSphere Client:

      • Web-based = cross-platform, not only accessible from Windows
        • Including a Console without audio support; for Audio use VM Player or the VM Remote Console (VMRC; Windows, Mac, Linux)
      • Edit settings for VM hardware versions up to version 11
      • Add/Edit Audio Devices to/for VMs


      Fixed in ESXUi 1.13.0: